Medisoft Mobile


It’s time to go Mobile.


Let everyone else worry about how long superbills will be with ICD-10 codes.

Tap. Tap. Done.
Discover Medisoft Mobile.

Medisoft Mobile, a free application for the iPad® and iPhone®, and Medisoft v18, the latest upgrade for the Medisoft practice management system, combine to help your practice run smarter, optimize reimbursement, and improve productivity. Using the combined offerings of Medisoft v18 and Medisoft Mobile, will help you verify insurance eligibility before scheduled appointments, collect co-payments and balances due at the time of check in, submit claims electronically, produce professional, easy-to-read patient statements, and electronically capture your charges and diagnoses.

The latest upgrade for the Medisoft practice management system.

Medisoft v18 and Medisoft Mobile solutions can help you:

  • Electronically capture charges and diagnosis entries (no more paper superbills!)
  • Enter charges and diagnoses from anywhere
  • Submit claims to your biller at the tap of a button
  • View your schedule on your mobile device
  • Support simplified patient accounting
  • Track practice performance efficiently and easily
  • And…receive Relay Health’s e-prescribing at no additional cost through June 30,2013!


Below, Sample screen shots of Medisoft Mobile on the iPad tablet

Medisoft Mobile Screen Shots

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