Eight Warning Signs Your Practice Isn’t Ready for ICD-10

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1. Your practice hasn’t spent a dime to get ready.

There are a dozen excuses for this. “If I send her for training, she’ll just want more money or go to another practice.” Or, “We’ll wait and buy the final version of the ICD-10 book when it’s released. It’s still in draft form, you know.” While large systems and groups are well on their way to ICD-10 preparedness, some smaller groups have taken a wait-and-see approach. They hope that CMS will change its mind, and push back the deadline. Or, they tell themselves, “It will get quieter in the spring, we’ll do it then.” Lame excuses. Buy the draft version of ICD-10 and educate key staff members; plan physician training for closer to implementation, either in person or online.

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