Real-Time Online Appointment Scheduling

patient000AppointMaster allows patients to request appointments entirely online exactly the way you book airline tickets today, directly from the practice web site:

  • Available schedule real-time synchronized from Medisoft’s Office Hours
  • Patient never sees the practice scheduled, only “openings” matching practice rules and patient preferences
  • Practice is notified instantly
  • Practice reviews and confirms request online
  • Works seamlessly with your current management software
  • No phone calls
  • Available after business hours
  • Accurate, easy and quick
  • Accessible from any online device (Android, PC, PDA, iPhone, Blackberry…)

Automatic Reminders

AppointMaster automatically sends appointment reminders to all your scheduled patients in Office Hours, using emails, text-messagesor human speech phone calls.

The patient can then easily confirm their appointment by email, cellular phone, PDA or any mobile device.

  • Fast, efficient
  • Dramatically reduces “no shows”
  • Provides total control over when notices go out
  • Complete customization of the messages content and spoken voices
  • Multi-languages support for your Spanish speaking patients

24/7 Mobile Access

AppointMaster Mobile allows the Doctors and staff to stay in touch with the heart of the practice 24/7, from any mobile phone.

  • Check entire schedule
  • Place a call to any patient at anytime
  • Just as easily send them email or text
  • Get notified and reply quickly to patient’s requests coming from the web
  • Send “Emergency Closing” notices to all your scheduled patients automatically via emails, text or phones.

This is the one ideal tool for busy providers commuting from one office to another and for the staff to stay in touch constantly with their AppointMaster online patient requests.

Secure and HIPAA compliant.

Online Confirmation

Each appointment automatically reminded by AppointMaster can be confirmed instantly with a simple mouse click or one phone keystroke.

  • It’s easy
  • It’s fast
  • Reduces dramatically “No Shows”
  • Saves a lot of time and energy
  • Improves the image of your practice

Every day AppointMaster sends to the practice a report of confirmed and unconfirmed appointments for the coming days.

The staff is automatically informed and can easily keep track.

The number of actual phone calls is dramatically reduced while the patient satisfaction increases.

Patient Surveys

AppointMaster allows the practice to monitor patient’s satisfaction automatically.

Every day, we invite patients who received care in the practice to complete a customized satisfaction survey form. Results can be checked easily, at any time.

Patient Communication

AppointMaster comes with many additional services to help the practice communicate efficiently and easily with their patients:

Patient re-activation
Patient’s birthday
On demand custom campaigns