Dragon Naturally Speaking

Medical Edition v10

dragonLogoDragon Medical is up to 99% accurate out-of-the-box, and includes medical vocabularies covering nearly 80 medical specialties and subspecialties. Using Dragon Medical 10, physicians dictate in real-time into their EMR in their own words – letting them instantly review, sign, and make their notes available for other clinicians.






Dragon Medical accelerates dictation, saving minutes per patient as physicians:

  • Navigate quickly throughout their EMR using voice commands
  • Use macros to re-use frequently dictated text
  • Document “medical decision-making” in their own words into the EMR

dragon_medical_largeDragon Medical 10 offers a series of features not available in Dragon Professional or Preferred:

More Accurate Than Ever.
20% more accurate than Dragon NaturallySpeaking Medical 9—and over 38% more accurate than Dragon Professional 10 when used in clinical settings.

EMR Support.
Navigate and dictate inside EMR software; History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, assessment and plan.

Medical Vocabularies.
More specialties than ever! Covers nearly 80 specialties and subspecialties. Dictate with confidence using your specialty’s vocabulary.

Regional Accent Support.
Accented speakers get higher out-of-the-box recognition with advanced adaptation techniques and accent-specific acoustic models.

Supports HIPAA Regulations.
Protect patient confidentiality.

Hidden Mode.
Dictate anywhere in the EMR, eliminating navigation between EMR screens and the notes window.

DragonTemplates with Voice Fields.
Automate form filling applications by adding fields in dictation templates.

Medical Formatting Rules.
Expands abbreviations and follows capitalization rules. “HPI” can appear as either “History of Present Illness”, “history of present illness”, or “HPI.”

PowerMic™ Ready.
Program buttons to run any function or user voice command.

Personal voice commands appear in Command browser for faster use.