Electronic Claims

Count on smart revenue management solutions from eSolutions and Medicomp.


Successful billing and payment processes are vital to a healthy bottom line. Put the power of Medicomp and ClaimRemedi to work for your practice so you can collect what you’re owed, quickly and accurately.  ClaimRemedi Clearinghouse can provide payer connections for professional, institutional, dental and worker compensation claims.

Our high-tech claim scrubbing service is the best in the industry and is included in the cost of the solution, so you get unlimited use of our scrubbing technology. Payer rules, both documented and undocumented, are stored in a comprehensive rules engine that is maintained and continually updated by staff knowledgeable in both billing and ANSI claim submission.

With real-time claim edits, this system helps you easily fix the errors that were uncovered during the claim scrubbing process, ultimately helping reduce payer denials. The system generates easy-to-understand error messages so you can address them. More than 1,000,000 reliable and exhaustive integrated real-time claim edits include payer specific and comprehensive industry edits

Reports and analytics are critical for evaluating the health of your business. Our solution offers a sophisticated set of comprehensive reports and detailed analytics—at no additional charge. With our comprehensive reports and detailed analytics, you have access to a wide range of options – everything from a small set of claims to a high-level view of overall financial performance.

The partnership between Medicomp and ClaimRemedi efficiently adds functionality to your practice. Now you can gain deeper insight into the claim lifecycle and take the right steps to improve the overall health of your practice. 

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