Office Hours Professional

ohplogoThe Office Hours Professional add-on module makes the front desk even more efficient, enabling staff to:

  • Use a color-coded appointment template to reserve time slots for certain types of appointments.
  • Track the status of appointments and mark them as unconfirmed, confirmed, checked in, being seen, checked out, missed or cancelled.
  • Display appointments based on office preference, such as: by day, week or month; by provider; or by equipment or treatment room.
  • Print patient-specific superbills for all appointments scheduled.
  • Produce a list of a patient’s upcoming appointments.



Everyone books online today…Movies, Flights, Hotels, Restaurants. You can’t beat the convenience. Except when it comes to making a medical or dental appointment. In your industry, patients don’t book online…because you don’t let them.

Until Now

With AppointMaster’s Online Scheduling system, you can set your practice apart by letting patients select openings in your schedule using their computers, cell phones, smartphones–any online device they choose. And it’s available to them anytime, 24/7.