Our Support Solutions

We provide quality technical support for all of our products. With over 20 years of experience we have the knowledge you need to solve any problems that may arise. All support will be offered Onsite or Offsite. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot and solve any problems you may have.


  • Software Malfunction/Application Error
  • Installation/Uninstalling
  • Updates
  • Virus Removal
  • Spam/Spy-ware/Ad-ware Removal
  • Security
  • E-mail Setup


  • Backup Solutions
  • Data Corruption Repair
  • Data Conversion
  • Database Maintenance
  • Database Customization
  • Data Synchronization


  • Installation/Uninstalling
  • Repair/Restore
  • Server/Workstation Setup
  • Networking & Telephone Wiring
  • Maintenance
  • Hardware Configuration
  • Peripheral Installation
  • Hardware Synchronization


Support for Old Versions of Medisoft

MedisoftPMBoxWe also offer support for older versions of Medisoft. If you are having problems with ANY version of Medisoft, we can help you with your problems.